有数百个法律播客,涵盖从法律新闻到技术趋势、律师事务所营销和法律道德等主题。如今,任何有互联网连接和麦克风的人都可以制作播客,但要做到这一点并不容易 make a good podcast.

To help you find the legal industry podcasts you should listen to, we’ve created this list of some of our favorites and what we think are currently the best legal podcasts.

1. Lawyerist Podcast

We’re not objective here, but we do think our podcast is the best show about law practice, so we had to list it at the top of best legal podcasts.

The Lawyerist Podcast is a weekly podcast about lawyering and law practice hosted by our team. Our conversations with successful lawyers, industry experts, and prominent business book authors cover innovative business models, legal technology, marketing, ethics, starting a law firm, and whenever possible, robots.

We get into the nuts and bolts of running a law practice and focus on topics to help solo and small firm attorneys, all with humor, caring, and the latest information. It’s a great podcast for forward-thinking lawyers looking for a better way to practice law.

(P.S.—We’re not the only ones who think this show is great. We’ve received multiple awards and are proud to produce this show!)

User Review of the Lawyerist Podcast

“I absolutely love this podcast! I spend quite a bit of time in my car driving for work and am an avid podcaster. When I found these guys I was skeptical because, to be honest being an attorney hasn’t always been the best thing. I have never loved a job, and have been searching for my legal path for years. After listening to one particular episode I immediately knew where I needed to go. Let’s just say these guys are the reason I am still practicing and plan to start my own firm here in the near future. I hope to attend the TBD law conference one day and meet the guys responsible for helping me find my motivation in this career!!”




law next播客特色图片

LawNext公司 是一个每周播客,由Bob Ambrogi主持,Bob Ambrogi是法律网站的出版商和法律技术方面的专家。每集都有一个对正在改变法律格局和改善司法途径的企业家和创新者的采访。











4. The LAWsome Podcast

The LAWsome Podcast is hosted by legal marketing professionals Jake Sanders and Paul Julius. This podcast provides legal industry insights as well as access to the best experts in law firm development. Each week, LAWsome features guests that provide their thoughts on the latest legal news, running a law firm, and digital marketing.

Episode topics range from branding your law firm to building a data-driven law practice (with a little humor thrown in). Jake and Paul do what it takes to further their podcast’s mission, which is to “make legal marketing LAWsome.”

User Review of LAWsome

Most of us don’t associate legal podcasts with laughter. But Jake and Paul have created a smart, witty, and enjoyable platform for people to not only learn how to be better lawyers—but find the common ground among us all (which somehow leads to lots of food references).”


Great Episodes of LAWsome

  • Episode #147: Data-Driven Law Firm Business Development: In this episode, Jake and Paul speak with LexisNexis VP & GM of LexisNexis’ Law Firm Software Solutions, Scott Wallingford about data-driven business development for law firms. They discuss how to develop business by focusing on your clients’ needs and keeping track of your critical data.
  • 第150集:如何发现律师事务所的品牌: LAWsome播客自己的JakeSanders讨论了如何发现和使用律师事务所的品牌来发展业务。这一切都是通过三个s实现的:故事情节、意义创造和策略。



由Adriana Linares主持, 新Solo 是一个月度播客,提供从律师事务所过渡到单独执业的见解和技巧。它贯穿并回答了许多律师关于独身生涯各个阶段的问题。






  • 从汉·索洛身上可以学到什么新的独奏: 营销专家塞思·戈丁(SethGodin)和克利奥(Clio)首席执行官杰克·牛顿(JackNewton)讨论了律师如何成为他们所在领域的“唯一”。在本期节目中,他们讨论了从跳跃到独立经营,再到使用技术来运行实践的所有内容。
  • Getting Started Tips From a New Solo: Newly solo attorney Kelly Roberts shares the tips that made her practice profitable by month two. Her insights dive deep into client management, web development, and networking. Plus, host Adriana Linares delivers her advice on building a successful legal team.

6. The Digital Edge

Technology is no longer an option for forward-thinking attorneys. The Digital Edge covers tech-based topics for attorneys, including tech tools, software, the Cloud, and more. Plus, attorneys walk away with some advice on how to grow their firms using the technology available on the market today.

The Digital Edge is hosted by Sharon D. Nelson and Jim Calloway, two lawyers who specialize in the field of technology. You’ll also get to hear from various industry experts, authors, speakers, and legal technologists each month.

User Review of the Digital Edge

“This is a really enjoyable podcast. It is an easy and interesting way for attorneys like me to keep current with technology. I am glad I found this podcast.”


Great Episodes of the Digital Edge

  • What’s on the Horizon for Law Firms in 2021?: Will more attorneys switch to remote work versus physical office space? Will COVID-19 continue to affect the legal industry? When should you start moving to the Cloud? Hosts Jim Calloway and Sharon D. Nelson discuss what attorneys can expect, and moves they should make, in 2021.
  • A Legal Podcast About Legal Podcasting: Bob Ambrogi, Joe Patrice, and Tom Mighell share with Sharon and Jim their insights about legal podcasting. You’ll learn tips for getting started and stories from the guests’ own experiences in podcasting.

7. The Law Entrepreneur


Hosted by Neil Tyra, The Law Entrepreneur podcast is about the business side of running a law practice. Neil shares the perspective that many attorneys have: law school didn’t and doesn’t adequately prepare attorneys to run a law practice, let alone one that can scale into a thriving business.






  • 第245集:与Daniel Joffe轻松收付: 获得报酬对律师来说很重要。然而,您如何确保及时收集,同时将客户关系放在首位?LawExpand的创始人丹尼尔·乔夫(DanielJoffe)在本期节目中谈到了收藏和创新。
  • 第251集:与Ken Hardison一起发展律师事务所的秘诀: 在本期节目中,主持人与KenHardison交谈,他创建并出售了两家七位数的律师事务所。他们讨论如何营销、如何招聘以及如何发展自己的律师事务所。



律师变得道德化 由梅根·扎维主持。她每周的播客对于任何想跟上不断变化的道德法律规则的人来说都是必须的。她不仅将涵盖当今最紧迫的话题,还将提供在当今法律领域取得成功的工具和资源。

The business of law is constantly evolving. Staying out of trouble requires that lawyers understand the latest interpretations and applications of the ethics rules. It also requires us to figure out what to do when the rules and modern business and technology are not in sync.

User Review of the Lawyers Gone Ethical

Who would have thought….. that a podcast about attorney ethics could be so entertaining and informative? Keep up the good work, Megan.

-W Pollock

Great Episodes of the Lawyers Gone Ethical

9. Maximum Lawyer


Maximum Lawyer is hosted by Jim Hacking & Tyson Mutrux. This weekly podcast covers a wide range of topics from marketing, hiring, and everything else you need to run or start a law firm. Not only will they cover the basics, but they will also dive into growing pains and address mental health issues that are associated with solo law firms.

User Review of Maximum Lawyer

Tyson and Jimmy have a really great thing going here – great interviews with people in and out of the legal industry about how to build and grow a great law firm business. Well done!!!

-T Copeland

Great Episodes of the Lawyers Gone Ethical

  • Nonprofit Legal Services and Information Products À La Carte with Jess Birken: In this Pop-up episode, Jim interviews Jess Birken, a lawyer and consultant for nonprofits who runs her own law firm, Birken Law Office. They will go over her business, how she uses info products to educate her clients and make the most of the consults they have, and the advantages of her subscription model.
  • 律师社交媒体的心态,米奇·杰克逊: 吉姆和泰森采访了流媒体律师米奇·杰克逊。聆听他们深入探讨社交媒体的思维方式,并回顾在营销、一致性和为内容选择正确平台方面展现人性一面的重要性。

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